PVC wallpaper


A sensual silk wallpaper that fills your space with harmonious colors and design
Design CasaBene3 is a silk wallpaper brand that will fill your sensual space with harmonious colors and design.
The brand is comprised of wonderful products that have unique designs mixed with naturalism and modernism and they will satisfy your needs perfectly.
106cm(width) x 15.6m(length) /Roll[16.53㎡] 4 Roll / Box[66.12㎡]
Certificate of Environmental Building Material (First-Class), Quality Certificates (ISO 9001, KSMark, KCMark)
General and upper-class houses, APT, villa, hotel, interior design space, commercial space
The only product that solely use water-based ink in the industry.
Generally, 97% of toxic substances are emitted from the design print layer of a wallpaper. The wallpapers that use solvent-based ink show 40 times higher volatile organic compound(VOC) rate than wallpapers that use water-based, aqueous ink do. Just by using water-based ink, we reduced the VOC emission rate significantly and improved the environment of the production site.

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