PVC wallpaper

Plenus II

A premium silk wallpaper with a style that matches the global trend and differentiated colors
Plenus II is a brand that makes you dream about innovative ideas and have progressive lifestyles. It is Jeil Wallpaper's premium silk wallpaper that fits perfectly with the global trends and it gives a differentiated living design experience for your modern lifestyle.
106cm(width) x 15.6m(length) /Roll[16.53㎡] 4 Roll / Box[66.12㎡]
Certificate of Environmental Building Material (First-Class), Quality Certificates (ISO 9001, KSMark, KCMark)
General and upper-class houses, APT, villa, hotel, interior design space, commercial space
The only product that solely use water-based ink in the industry.
Generally, 97% of toxic substances are emitted from the design print layer of a wallpaper. The wallpapers that use solvent-based ink show 40 times higher volatile organic compound(VOC) rate than wallpapers that use water-based, aqueous ink do. Just by using water-based ink, we reduced the VOC emission rate significantly and improved the environment of the production site.

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